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Astrokooperation with Dieter Beer

M31 Andromeda Galaxy   NGC 224

AND IV         Cepheid V1

100 % Image


Dwarf Galaxy AND IV

Andromeda IV just about 30" to the right from star TYC 2801-551-1 (mag: 10.3), HST

HST image is here

Cepheid Variable Star V1 in M31

HST image is here

H-II 50 % Image

The core

instrument: Skywatcher Black Diamond ED80/510  Skywatcher Flattener x0,85
camera: Moravian G2 8300,ALccd6c Pro
mount: Neq6Pro
guiding: Guiding with Finderscope and Lacerta Mgen from Teleskop Austria
exposure time: ALccd6c Pro 72 x 10 min.,Moravian Ha L 480:840,Total 34h
location,date: Schrick, 2011-08-22+26+28, Bruck a. d. Glocknerstrasse 2011-08-20+21+23+25+28
processing: CCD-Stack,  Theli,Photoshop CS4
object info Galaxy,Sb,
magnitute 3,5
seeing 7-9/10
distance 2.54 MLy
dimension 186,2' x 61,7'
notes Moravian -20 °C, HaL Filter Astronomik 2c

All Images Copyright  © Patrick Hochleitner